How do I void a check from a closed fiscal year and reissue it in current fiscal year without changing my prior year financials?

Since the steps below use Journal Entries, you would NOT use this process for trust checks that have cleared a bank rec. You would use a trust adjustment (recommended) or cash receipt to write-up the trust balance. If this check is a payroll check, and all payroll tax returns have been filed, voiding this check can have a huge effect on your books. The best way to handle this is to NOT void the check and to reprint it using a new check number. If the employee cannot be found, consult with your CPA or tax preparer how to proceed and if the above method would be appropriate to write it off.

  • Using this amended process will prevent changes to your closed books while still keeping your bookkeeping accurate.
  • In the past I have entered deposits for the checks, then check them both off when I reconcile to balance each other out so I was surprised that it wasn’t working this time.
  • Many employers ask their employees to submit a voided check in order to set up payroll direct deposit.

If you have a vendor bill you need to cancel, see Canceling a Vendor Bill. Unlike checks, bills are cancelled rather than voided. To unmatch a transaction or remove its cleared status, see Undoing Submitted Transaction Matches and Undoing the Cleared Status of Submitted Transactions. To reconcile transactions, see Reconciling Transactions. If a transaction is still valid but needs to be modified, you should not void the transaction.


I would like to know why using of Current Other Liability was recommended, as when invoices was entered originally, a/p was involved. Let me know how everything turns out, or if you have any issues after following those steps. Just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. If you have additional questions, just leave a message in the comment section. Review the account and make sure no isn’t any inaccurate adjustments.

They are settling the accounts payable with supplier. Employers often use voided checks to set up direct deposits for their payroll, and service providers may need them to set up direct debits. This is because a blank check has all the information they need, such as routing or account numbers. Using a voided check reduces the likelihood of a transcription or other type of error.

Please prepare a journal for the voided check. Voiding a check can be a key step in setting up financial transitions like regular payroll direct deposits. Voiding a check properly by writing “VOID” in large letters on the documents will help reduce the risk that the check will be cashed. In lieu of a voided check, you may also be able to provide documents such as a direct deposit slip that can provide the key financial information for the transition. It’s inevitable there are times when you have to void a check. There are several reasons this can happen when a check is a duplicate, is lost and rewritten without being corrected properly.

This, in turn, protects your business from fraud and helps you ensure your financial statements are always correct. Journal entry is used to correct transactions and post entries that cannot be performed in other ways. However, this can only be done for one customer or vendor at a time. This may be the reason why you were prompted to create a journal entry when you voided several checks but didn’t get a prompt when you voided two (2) checks. A voided check is a check that has been cancelled.

Choose the bank account that the funds are coming out on the Transfer Funds From drop-down.3. On the Transfer Funds To drop-down, select the Other Current Liabilities account.4. Enter the necessary information, then hit Save and close. Never give anyone a blank check, especially someone you do not know because it could be used to make a withdrawal on your account.

What is a Voided Check?

I’ll be sharing details on how voiding a check from previous period works in QuickBooks Desktop. Then, ensure you’ll be routed to the right person to further assist you with this matter so you can achieve your goal. In the past I have entered deposits for the checks, then check them both off when I reconcile to balance each other out so I was surprised that it wasn’t working this time. I will go ahead and check them off manually in the register. I have entered a deposit to offset a check that has not cleared from the previous year, when I reconcile these are not clearing.

Voiding a check could cause issues if it was used to purchase inventory, or pay a 1099 vendor. On the other hand, if the company uses the check to pay for the purchase of assets or services. It is not possible to reverse the assets or service unless the supplier agrees, and it will be another different scenario.

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Similar problems will occur if you are doing monthly or quarterly reports and the check was issued in a previous month or quarter. Using Current Other Liability was recommended above in voiding a check from a prior period to offset amounts without affecting the expense from the previous period. Then, creating a bank deposit or journal entry affects the bank and Accounts payable accounts. That said, it might cause changes on the 1099 data since it was already issued last year.

How to void a check in QuickBooks Online

Besides of two examples above, the company may use the check to pay for expenses such as consulting services, utilities, and other services. The company will record debt expenses and credit cash at bank. If you have any additional questions or concerns about void checks using journal entries, please don’t hesitate and reach back out to me. Once the journal entry is created, you can pull up the Transaction Journal Report to review the debit and credit for the transaction.

Using the “Deposit” feature in QBO, I can only deposit to a bank account or an asset account/ Please advise. Voided check is the check that company has prepared and issued, but decide to cancel due to any mistake. The check will become invalid after the company voided the check. You can delete, void, or reverse individual transactions or multiple transactions at the same time.

The employer needs a voided check in order to extract the bank account information from the bottom line of the check. Yet another use for a voided check is when a lender wants to net lease capital advisors use it to set up an automated loan payment. As was the case with direct deposit, the lender will want to use the bank account information listed on the bottom line of the check.

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How about a check issued (duplicate) for distribution but owner deposited 1 check and never deposited the other. (By banking entry I just mean, when a transaction appears as ‘IN REVIEW’ and I just enter it into ‘QB’. Before giving an employer a voided check, it can make sense to first make a copy of the check, so that you know how the check was used. Happy to have you here in the Community, vickimayoewart@g. I’ll help you with voiding the prior year’s transactions in QuickBooks Online (QBO). The issuer needs to inform the bank regard to this issue and stop the holder from getting cash over a specific check number.