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A rock and roll-loving Gen X lawyer in a 12-step recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs. An equally rock-obsessed Millennial writer who found addiction recovery through blogging. She got sober in 2019 because alcohol caused the complete destruction of her mental health. Now, she teaches what she’s learned about why it’s so hard to stop drinking, why alcohol makes us so miserable, and how to embrace sobriety.

The podcast helps listeners not feel ashamed about the fact that they have an addiction. She’s written three books, holds frequent sober month challenges, and hosts this podcast. In the 300-plus episodes of the show, Grace offers valuable insight on how to stay sober. Some of the episodes discuss alcohol withdrawals, the link between drinking and binge eating, how to deal with loneliness, and more.

Leaving CrazyTown: Tips for Feeling Better Recovery

When you are working on your recovery you need all the support you can get. If you travel a lot, or have little time to attend meetings, can be just what you need to stay in the right path. Many of us are familiar with the term sober curious or sober curiosity, and it’s thanks to Ruby Warrington.

The ODAAT Chat Podcast is about recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, sobriety, and the journey of recovery, community, and healing. Guests tell their stories of what it was like, what happened and where they are now. The recovery stories they share are inspiring, funny, and touching.

The Sober Effect

The concept for this podcast came from being the only Black woman at Brave Magic, a writing retreat hosted by Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed. Robbins wrote about her experience for HuffPost… and then the comments came pouring in. Folks who have also been “othered” finally felt seen by the article. Each guest is someone who’s been the only person in the room. This show is hosted by The Temper and HuffPost contributor, Laura Cathcart Robbins.

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Battling alcoholism or drug addiction, Tom Conrad will give you inspiration and hope that there is a way out. The host now promotes a healthy and sober lifestyle and attempts to inspire others to replace the destructive cycle of addiction with a much more rewarding and fruitful existence. That Sober Guy is hosted by Shane Ramer, himself in recovery for alcohol use disorder after a battle with drink and drugs lasting almost two decades.

In Recovery

While damage has been done, it is time now for you to heal so you can live a better life. Most people with substance use disorder are likely to suffer from mental health conditions. If you also have a dual diagnosis, you must follow a collaborative treatment plan that can simultaneously address both disorders.

Choosing recovery close to home means your support system is just a few miles away. If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulties surrounding alcoholism, addiction, or mental illness, please reach out and ask for help. People everywhere can and want to help; you just have to know where to look. Each Wednesday, we record the conversations that pop, creating Sober Pop the Playback group podcast for those who aren’t able to make it to the club night. The Seltzer Squad is a supportive space for those seeking and maintaining sobriety.

The Daily Llama’s Weekly Word of the Day and Meditations

Possibly, with the combination of advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, tools such as sound therapy, PDT, and others, will become more effective than we ever imagined. We may find that digital therapy has the potential to work as Abstinence Violation an overview well as or better than medication-assisted treatment, even with the promise of new pharmaceutical agents. In order to address their unique needs and specific addiction issues, we must be open-minded and see things from an integrative perspective.

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We’re not trying to be role models, we’re just trying to hang out. Bestselling author Annie Grace invites you to explore the role of alcohol in our lives and culture without rules, pain, or judgment. He decided to start the effort after a friend lost his son
to heroin addiction and he wanted to try and… After a couple of
attempts to stop drinking she finally realized that the only way
she was going to change her… Jan Folk was a high
powered businesswoman for years, battling sexism in the
male-dominated insurance industry.

Witty and Sarcastic Comebacks & One-Liners For When People Ask Why We’re Not Drinking

Dax will attempt to discover human “truths” without any laboratory work, clinical trials, or data collection. Dax will be, in the great tradition of 16th-century scientists, an Armchair Expert. In each episode, the two former journalism colleagues (and bar buddies) read and discuss one book about sobriety, self-growth, or surviving. Their focus is on how these authors found a way to thrive in spaces that profit from when we numb ourselves from ourselves. You can head to their website to see what book is up next and to read along, or simply tune in to the latest episode (or their backlog catalog) for new book or memoir recommendations.

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The Breaking Free podcast discusses everything it means to be in addiction recovery and thrives independently. Through lively discussions based on lived experiences, research, and experts in the field, the hosts unpack the ways recovery has been limited. That could be stigmatizing language, disordered eating, the impact of diet culture, trauma, unhealthy relationships, and boundaries. They also host interviews with experts on topics like sex, recovery from trauma, boundaries, Latinx culture, recovery, and harm reduction.

The Sober Guy Podcast

This podcast is hosted by two former journalism colleagues (and bar buddies), Shelley Mann Hite and Jackie Mantey, who discuss books about sobriety, self-growth, or surviving. Want a podcast that doesn’t just focus on addiction, relapse, and recovery? Hosts Kate and Mandy bring you a podcast that is a mix of handy tips, personal experience, and interviews with special guests. They speak openly about their past buying into “wine o’clock” and how it impacted them as women and as parents. They now happily “put down the Pinot” to ask themselves questions about how they feel and what they need. Hosted by recovery coach Angela Pugh, this podcast is here to offer you a fresh perspective on living sober with the support you need.

  • Sisters Who Followed The Yam is a podcast about healing, joy, and community, from the perspective of two women in self-recovery.
  • Designed to give you inspiration, hope and strength to live your best life.
  • She talks about how, for women, this starts from a place of encouragement and recognizing ones greatness.
  • There are people in favor of complete abstinence from drugs and medications who are against prescription drugs as part of a treatment program.
  • Each week on her podcast, Jessica has honest conversations with guests about mental health, self-development, wellness, and spirituality, discussing how they influence each guest’s unique recovery journey.
  • If you have a smart phone, tablet, laptop or other internet-connected device, you can find recovery audio online.

She’s the author of the Sober Curious book series, host of the Sober Curious podcast, and a well-known thought leader in the sobriety community. Additionally, Ruby is also the co-founder of the sober curious event series “Club Soda NYC”, and the online spiritual mentoring program Moon Club. On her podcast, she speaks to various people in the sobriety community to discuss their personal relationships with alcohol and how they navigate life, alcohol-free. Tricia Lewis quit drinking alcohol in November 2016 and hasn’t looked back since.

Top Recovery Podcasts That Will Boost Your Sobriety

This is only my second time ever writing a podcast review, but this podcast is too good not to share its amazingness! I’ve been making my way through the available episodes oldest (2/10/22) to newest, and am sad I’ll be caught up within the next few weeks and will have to wait patiently for new episodes. Jessica has an INCREDIBLE gift of speaking to a large podcast audience with varied lived experiences, yet somehow making it extremely relatable and helpful, no matter what stage of recovery you are in. She is so kind and understanding of the struggle, while giving hope that it’s not just possible, but worth it to find lasting recovery.