Understanding debit cards. A debit card enables you to draw straight from your own banking account whenever you make a purchase

Understanding debit cards. A debit card enables you to draw straight from your own banking account whenever you make a purchase

25 Oct 2018 | 4 min. read

. discover how it really works, things to be cautious about and exactly how it even compares to ATM and bank cards.

Key takeaways

What exactly is a debit card?

Debit cards are just like ATM cards. You should use it to get items and solutions. You can even make use of your debit card with your own individual recognition number (PIN) to withdraw money from your own banking account at your bank’s ATMs.

How it operates

When you store with your debit card or ATM card, the deal quantity is straight away deducted from your own banking account. You cannot save money than what exactly is in your account.

Unlike ATM cards, debit cards have actually a VISA or MasterCard branding. More regularly, may very well not need certainly to signal the receipt for acquisitions below a certain quantity at some merchants.

While this might seem much like bank cards, do observe that if you use bank cards, you might be having to pay on credit. By using a debit card, the purchase amount is drawn from your own own bank account.

Charges might be charged for debit cards. There could be an annual cost, a replacement charge for missing cards and a charge for withdrawals made abroad.

Risks and safeguards

Although banking institutions in Singapore have actually changed magnetic debit that is stripe-only with chip cards, magnetic stripes will always be utilized offshore.

Listed here are a ways check this site that are few protect your self:

Activate deal alerts

Chip technology can reduce the potential risks of cloning, however the stripe that is magnetic in your debit card can nevertheless be cloned or skimmed. Be sure you’ve triggered deal alerts.

Verify that the amount that is correct debited

Some purchases that are small-value not want a signature. Require a receipt to test in the event that correct quantity is deducted. In the event that quantity is incorrect, alert the merchant instantly to inquire about for a refund. If it can help to reverse the transaction if you are not at POS, contact your bank quickly to see.

Be mindful when transacting online

Your debit card details might be captured by intercepting your transactions that are online. Crooks will likely then use the details to execute card-not-present transactions such as on the web or mail-order/telephone-order transactions.

Shop on 3D Secure internet sites

A One-Time Password (OTP) will become necessary before doing the purchase. This task helps to ensure that the individual making the acquisition may be the owner that is rightful of debit card utilized. Inform your bank straight away if an OTP was received by you but did not result in the deal.

Missing or taken cards

In the event that you lose your debit card, allow the card company understand straight away. The card issuer if it is stolen, make a police report and inform. The liability that is maximum unauthorised fees before reporting the loss to your card company may be capped at $100.

This limit is applicable supplied you have got perhaps not acted fraudulently, or perhaps you are not grossly negligent or did perhaps not neglect to notify the card company when you became conscious that the card had been lost or taken.

Do consult with your bank on its policy for lost or stolen debit cards.

Debit cards versus other cards

Here is an assessment between debit cards, ATM cards and charge cards.

Danger of cloning/card skimming as a result of the application of magnetic stripe technology.

What to look out for

  • Never ever keep your debit card or papers containing its details lying around.
  • Indication the rear of your debit card with permanent ink once you get it.
  • Keep accurate documentation of the card figures, termination dates, and also the contact number and target associated with the bank in a secure destination.
  • Keep all information that is card-related as your PIN, separate from your own card.
  • Protect your card details. Try not to reveal your PIN for money withdrawals to anybody. Memorise your PIN.
  • Only store at reputable and genuine merchants (including online retailers). Usually do not shop online utilizing provided products such as for example computer systems in cybercafes.
  • Ask the vendor for a receipt whenever you make little value acquisitions. This can be to guarantee the proper quantity is deducted.
  • Check always frequently that the cards are with you.
  • Phone the lender straight away should your card or card info is lost or stolen. Note the right some time date whenever you achieve this.
  • Check always frequently that the cards are to you.
  • Phone the financial institution straight away should your card or card info is lost or stolen. Note the right some time date once you achieve this.